Instruments With Cable Probes

The FMP Series of dry film thickness (DFT) gauges with interchangeable cable probes allow for precise and non-destructive coating thickness measurement. These user-friendly and flexible instruments with the appropriate probe will meet all of your requirements.

Cable Probes selection is based on several criteria:

  • Substrate combination (Fe/NFe) and coating type
  • Thickness of coating and substrate material (Probes from 0 – 4mm)
  • Dimension of the measurement area
  • Shape of the part to be measured
  • Surface condition of the measurement area.


  • Measure over all metal substates
  • Hard metal tip probes for rough surfaces
  • Pre-inspection scan without lifting probe
  • Approximate locations named on display
  • Wide selection of probes

DUALSCOPE® MP0R-FP is a handheld DFT gauge with a permanently connected probe and PC interface for a convenient, fast and non-destructive coating thickness measurement on virtually all metals. All FISCHER handheld gauges comply with SSPC-PA2. FISCHER offers various models of gauges, either with integrated cable probes or gauges able to accommodate multiple separate probes designed for specific measurement challenges.

High-Precision Cable Probes from FISCHER

High-Precision Probes from FISCHER

FISCHER DUALSCOPE<sup>®</sup> FMP40 with cable probes


FISCHER DUALSCOPE<sup>®</sup> MPOR-FP with cable probes


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