Protective Coating Inspection by Fischer

With over 70 years of experience developing measurement instrumentation, FISCHER’s instruments for protective coating inspection were developed to meet their specific requirements. Applicators, facility owners, third party inspectors as well as coatings manufacturers will benefit by using dry film thickness and surface profile measurement instruments manufactured by FISCHER.

The demands for a longer useful life of coatings applied to bridges, water tanks, pipelines, ships and wind turbines as well as other structures make the accuracy of the measurement data critical. FISCHER Instruments come with a guarantee of trueness, precision, and reliability.

Current and new standards affecting the protective coating industry require greater frequency of measurements as well as more documentation of results. The wide selection of available dry film thickness (DFT) probes make virtually all applications from thin to thick and everything in between possible. Measurement data can even be transferred directly into existing industry report templates or customized for specific company needs with FISCHER DataCenter Software.