Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement

Fischer’s new precision and corrosion ultrasonic gauges are an ideal complement to the large product line of coating thickness and material testing handheld instruments. The FISCHERSCOPE® UMP 20, 40, and 100 are compact and robust gauges for quick and accurate measurements. The new FISCHERSCOPE® UMP 150 is perfectly suited for the aerospace and automotive industries and more.

The UMP Corrosion Series is IP54 rated and features a durable, custom molded case with raised rubber keypad. The gauges come in multiple models to suit every budget and application. The simple upgrade path available with all gauges makes it quick and easy (directly from the keypad) to add available software options in the field. Features include an illuminating keypad, Live Waveform, and vibrate on alarm. The echo to echo option to ignore coatings rounds out the impressive amount of features this compact gauge has available.

The UMP Precision gauge, or FISCHERSCOPE® UMP 150 is an ideal unit for nondestructive testing of wall thickness on manufactured parts requiring the utmost accurate and resolution. The UMP 150 utilizes single element transducers and offers a 30 Mhz, square wave pulser, 1 micron resolution with the ability to store and recall 30 unique applications. If you are measuring light bulbs, plastic bottles, golf clubs, coil steel, thin aluminum, aircraft parts, and even pure gold bars, the UMP 150 is the right choice.


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